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Thinking about Croatian neo-Latin school drama

In philology and literary history, thinking starts from bibliography. Croatica et Tyrolensia now have a working page for browsing material on Croatian neo-Latin drama which Nina Čengić has collected and formatted into XML from the excellent bibliography:
Petranović, Martina and Lucija Ljubić. Repertoari hrvatskih kazališta: Repertoar hrvatskih kazališta : Knjiga peta : Deskriptivna obrada važnijih predstava na hrvatskom jeziku i izvedbi na stranim jezicima hrvatskih izvođača do 1840. godine : na temelju znanstvene literature. Zagreb: AGM, 2012.

Our browsing page (with categories in Croatian) is here:


First results show that there were at least 594 Croatian performances in Latin from the end of the 11th century until 1805.

Latin school drama, a few lines

This is just the first step, however. We intend to analyse and categorise themes of school plays (according to their titles), and to analyse places and times of performancees.