Monthly Archives: December 2014

CroALa, a Christmas edition

A new edition of Croatiae auctores Latini is available. At the moment, the collection contains 451 documents and almost 5.5 million words (5,452,609 to be exact). Moreover, we have a new server (, a new landing page, and search pages which are in the process of redesign. Though the process of moving home is not quite complete yet, the new site is functional.

CroALa also includes few more texts, among them Mors Smail-agae Čengić, Ivan Baković’s 1957 Latin translation of the poem by Ivan Mažuranić, two works on Turks from 1545 by Bartul Đurđević / Bartolomej Georgijevic, and a 1864 translation of the death of Ugolino from Dante’s Inferno by Vlaho Getaldić.