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Index personarum in CroALaBib

The bibliography branch of the Croatica et Tyrolensia project collects data on people and works connected with Croatian Latin. Following recommendations from the Cookbook of the SNAP:DRGN project, we have started putting our digital data online in a slightly more usable form (currently it exists in an XML database). The SNAP:DRGN Cookbook says:

The first task is to put your prosopography online, with stable URIs for as many entities as you can identify (person, name, source etc.). You need to be able to point (…) and reliably/persistently find (…) your record. This may be no more than an HTML page intended for human consumption.

For CroALaBib persons, this is now possible through the Index personarum on Now the URL leads to data we have collected on Andrija Jamometić. The links and pages were created with a BaseX XML database instance, using the Bootstrap HTML framework.

Among the 1468 persons listed, there are some Italians and some other authors (e. g. Aristotle). They are included either because they were the audience of Croatian authors, or Croatian writers translated their works. Additions to the CroALaBib prosopography are expected soon — we will publish a list of persons involved with the Latin school drama.

A handwritten prosopography, Berkeley.

Analysing names in three Croatian epic poems

Gorana Stepanić, project member from the Juraj Dobrila University of Pula, works on comparing ways in which three Croatian neo-Latin epic authors – Jakov Bunić from Dubrovnik, Kajetan Vičić from Rijeka, and Josip Čobarnić from Makarska – use names in their poems. All three wrote long narrative religious epics, but each author is some 150 years later than his predecessor; they differ also in their places of origin (though all are along the Adriatic coast), in their social status, and in places where they lived.

The idea is to find all names (named entities) in their poems, lemmatise them, count their occurrences, and categorise: see which names belong to pagan mythology, which are Biblical, which are neither; which names belong to persons, which to places, and so on.

To achieve this, Gorana will be using not only our Croatiae auctores Latini text collection, but also a BaseX XML database of names and occurrences in the poems; one point of entry to this database, a special, sortable query, is on this page.

San Caetano di Thiene

Preliminary results will be published on our blog.


Auctores per saecula

Quot auctores Croati, nobis noti et a nobis annotati, Latine scripserint oratione soluta, quot autem scripserint versus, inveniri potest (ope programmatum XQuery et BaseX) in pagina sequenti: croalabib-gen-saec.

How many Croatian authors wrote Latin prose, how many wrote verse? The answer, at least for those annotated in our database, can be found (via XQuery and BaseX XML database) on the following page: croalabib-gen-saec.

Razmilović, a Latin elegy
Beginning of an elegy written and transcribed by Bonaventura Razmilović, Split, c. 1650.