Croatica et Tyrolensia and the Colloquium Marulianum XXV (Split, 19-23 Apr 2015)

One of the central scholarly activities of Croatica et Tyrolensia is inviting researchers of Croatian and Tyrolean neo-Latin literature to think about similarities and differences between the two corpora. To this end, twelve Croatian and Austrian authors have prepared position papers which will be discussed in a few days, at a two-day Croatica et Tyrolensia conference in Split. The conference follows immediately after the traditional Colloquium Marulianum, a yearly gathering of scholars interested in Croatian (especially Dalmatian) Renaissance, organised by the Split Literary Circle and its Marulianum center.

The Colloquium Marulianum XXV will take place in Split, on 19-21 April 2015, while the Croatica et Tyrolensia conference is scheduled for 22-23 April; remember that 22 April 1501 is the date of Marulić’s dedicatory letter in his epic in Croatian, Judita, and (because of that) the memorial Croatian Book Day.

Program of both conferences is available as a PDF booklet here.

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