Latin drama in Croatia, two papers

Part of this summer has been spent in presenting results of analysis (or exploratory data analysis) of our CroALaDrama corpus (Github repo croaladrama), an open collection of records of performances of Latin drama in Croatia (link leads to the analysis site).

Alvarus Luna: title page of a play published in Ingolstadt, 1735; a play with a very similar title was performed in Zagreb in 1693.

In June, Nina Čengić and Neven Jovanović presented a paper at the Japan on the Jesuit stage conference in Vienna.

In August, Neven Jovanović presented at the 17th IANLS Conference in Albacete.

Texts and slides of both papers can be found in the CroALaDrama wiki.

The Neo-Latin drama is research focus of a small, but vibrant community, bringing together scholars from the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, USA, Austria, and Japan, and we have been very glad for the support and interest shown for our papers.

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